LPN Trading

LPN Trading is a powerful business resource affiliate of CFM Enterprises and CFM Warehousing.

LPN Trading sources out wholesale product for clients, big and small, from the world over to North America. Their mandate is to simply seek out products that are competitive in pricing without having to import overwhelming amounts. They specialize in quality control importing. Their product inspection and shipping methods are the very best world wide. "If LPN can not inspect it, LPN will not ship it !"

LPN will import and/or manufacture the goods clients seek, even if it needs to be completely customized and LPN get the product to their clients at an affordable cost.

LPN Trading imports and warehouses picture framing glass and beveled mirrors of all standard sizes.


Placing an order with LPN is simple and easy. Visit the website and contact a sales agent. LPN will immediately start the process of importing your product for an increased profit margin.

LPN will pay all bills on behalf of their clients. Your money is always secure. LPN imports 1,000's of wholesale commercial products to help your business succeed. We specializing in wholesale glass and mirrors.

You can always count on LPN for the following three promises...

1. Quality Assurance: To make sure the products are of the same standard as the samples provided by the suppliers.

2. Production Assurance: To coordinate with the factory to make sure the product will be manufactured and shipped on time.

3. Shipping Arrangements & Customs Clearance: We guarantee both the exporting location and the importing location in North America.


2mm Glass !!! Float Glass !!! Boxed Glass !!!

We importing the highest quality glass for absolutely the best price.

Quality inspected... Fast, secure delivery!

Digitally monitored for precise tracking.

Whether coming from our warehouse in Toronto Canada or from our other warehouse locations in the USA our glass arrives right at your door in perfect condition, and on time!


Importing high quality wholesale mirrors to North America. Beveled mirrors, square cut mirrors, framed mirrors. We import a wide range of size and thickness. Our warehouses always stocks wholesale mirrors. Fast secure delivery!

With longer lead time, about 5 weeks, we can also supply square cut mirrors from 2mm to 12mm in thickness and various sizes even 3mm thick mirrors with 3/4", 15mm bevel.


LPN imports and warehouses superior mouldings and frames. Our frame moulding is made of high quality wood or high density polystyrene. Custom manufacturing is always available. Best price available. Customers provide us with the profiles and finishes they require. Cut and joint service is also available.


Sourcing out product for clients, big and small, from the world over to North America. International importing, custom manufacturing, volume warehousing and secure delivery. Thousands of innovative products for the North American marketplace. Our unique ability to cover all aspects of product delivery allows all LPN clients to benefit financially. Remember, at LPN Trading our mandate is to import products that are competitive in pricing without the client having to purchase overwhelming amounts.

Some of the many products we have recently imported for our clients are: brass tubing, fittings, sports caps, visors, computer tables, furniture, glassware, oven mitts, toys, promotional products, incentive products, recreational products, hammocks, skipping ropes, reflective safety jackets, electric scooters and hundreds more!


LPN Trading