CFM Enterprises

CFM ENTERPRISES has been investing into the Canadian business community for well over 20 years now. Whether it's the custom manufacturing of a client's unique product or whether it is finding the product internationally and importing it here to the North American market. You can always count on CFM Enterprises to source out the best cost perspective allowing you, our customer, to retail your product at prices so competetive that even Walmart will have trouble matching your final price ticket.

CFM Enterprises helps multiple Canadian companies serve their comunitties with both pride and profit. We specialize in unique product importing. Something special, different perhaps a product that only your company presently offers. We cut costs. We improve manufacturing. We streamline the entire importing process and via CFM WAREHOUSING we can even look after the warehousing and shipping receiving logistics all at extrememly cost effective budgets.

20 years later CFM Enterprises remains Canada's # 1 custom frame manufacturer.

20 years later CFM Enterprises through FRAMING SUPPLIES remains the # 1 wholesale dealer for the picture frame industry. All the product lines that are needed for a successful picture framing business.

Simply put, with over 20 years of professional experience at being on the international import, export, manufacturing, distribution business we continue to operate and expand our own initiatives while also offering our vast experience to other companies. Your company. Our client.

Just as we do for ourselves... we can save your company money!

At CFM our staff is dedicated to helping our customers get the best product for the best value. Guaranteed!

Contact us via our Contact Forms anytime you wish. Or via telephone Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time.

CFM Enterprises