Customer Self Pick-Up

Your Customers can Pick Up in Toronto As Low As $2.00

Online Customers often donít order because of prohibitively high shipping cost and long wait time. Now you can offer them a fast and inexpensive alternative. They can now come to our warehouse location in Toronto to pick up the same or next day for as little as $2.00 per item.


  1. If you are located in the GTA or far away from the Toronto Area and have customers here, we can receive and stock your product here ready for pick up as low as $2.00 per item.
  2. We can deliver your product in the Toronto area for as low as $10.00.
  3. Either drop off or have your product shipped to Toronto, the Largest Retail Market in Canada and let your GTA customers pick up at our warehouse. This process makes the total retail price of any product more competitive.
  4. If you are a home based retailer and simply would prefer customers not coming to your location, send them to CFM.
  5. We can receive and store as little as 5 pieces, up to several containers of goods.
  6. We will provide pick up for products as small as a cell phone and as large as major appliances and just about anything dry and non-hazardous.
  7. If you are based outside of Canada, your customer will have to pay Customs Brokerage on top of Shipping & Handling. This alone could price your product out of the market.
  8. We can accept your customer returns.