Rental Space

All at low cost and configurable to your own special needs

  • Low overhead for small business or self employed.
  • Capable of receiving product from a 54' trailer.
  • Warehousing space on pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Never pay for space not used.

What we offer:

Office Space: Office space with direct access to warehouse facility. Rent a single office, dual shared office or multi-shared office space.

Warehouse Space: Features shelved storage or floor storage. All stock received is skid stacked, counted and location specific warehoused.

Picking / Packing: CFM offers order picking and packing services to all clients. Product is picked and packed early morning and out for delivery same day.

Forklift Service: Trained forklift drivers are onsite and ready to move skids to and from shipping/receiving.

Shipping / Receiving: Professional shipping/receiving staff are ready to receive, count warehouse and re-ship your product to your clients.

Loading Docks: CFM owned trucks are ready to deliver your product to the GTA. However, full service loading docks ensure CFM is ready to accommodate any truck service of your choice.

Online Client Portal: CFM clients have access to their product data via any web browser from anywhere in the world. Your company is issued a user login name and password to enter a secure database logging all your product activity.